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10 Ways Building Your Confidence Benefits You

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Confidence is vital for supporting the health, success, and happiness that you deserve to find. How you approach troubles, goals, and even new experiences are all impacted by the level of belief that you have in yourself.

Thankfully for everyone, confidence isn’t just a trait that you’re born with, it’s a muscle that you train. Taking the time now to nurture your self-worth will reap benefits for your personal and professional life for years to come. Here are 10 of those benefits you will find while building confidence.

Maximized Potential

It can be difficult for us to make the leap when we don’t know what’s waiting on the other side. Careers can sit paralyzed for years, as people avoid the opportunities or challenges that bring evolution. Maximizing your potential first has to start with believing in that potential. A boldness stemmed from our personal confidence pushes us to take on more and shoot higher.

Improved Health

There’s both a direct and indirect connection between your self-confidence and your overall health. When you are confident, you’re more likely to take on activities or experiences that can strengthen your happiness and abilities.

Researchers have found a strong connection between an individual’s confidence and their mental resilience in times of stress and trauma. Furthermore, those who build confidence through sports, hobbies, or exercise will continuously improve their physical health and well-being.

Healthy Relationships

Without confidence, we can miss out on the relationships that we desire. Scientific studies focusing on attraction have found the quality of confidence to be a universally desirable trait. We also see an increased level of trust for those who convey themselves confidently. Regardless of the type of relationship, all connections benefit from those who know who they are and what they want in life.

Confidence is the ability to approach that person you’ve been interested in for some time. It’s overcoming the fear of rejection because regardless of the outcome you know your self-worth. Confidence can also look like security and self-sufficiency in a well-established relationship, romantic or otherwise. As you develop confidence in yourself, you’ll begin to establish healthier and deeper connections with those around you.

Increased Performance

A person who is confident in their abilities is much more likely to succeed in the face of difficulty. The difficulty of a task only increases in the face of self-doubt, as you can easily begin to undermine what you are truly capable of. Building up your confidence and trusting the skills you have, allows you to face your challenges head-on.


It’s important in life to know who you are and what you represent. Internally, we all hold certain values and priorities. Unfortunately, you can all too easily feel swayed and morphed by the personalities or environment that surround you.

A lack of self-identity, a confidence in who you are, can be the culprit of unnecessary stress. Being unapologetically you means having the confidence to hold to who you are, regardless of external pressures. A strong self-identity is connected to both happiness and the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

Alleviates Stress

Stress can come from many sources, but the one we want to focus on here is the stress that comes from a lack of surety. Decisions can have lasting impacts on our lives and that impact can often lead to stress over making a mistake.

On the other hand, it’s all too common that we experience further stress over regret for things we hadn’t given a chance. When we’re confident in our purpose, we find more peace with the decisions we have to make, alleviating much of the fear-based stress that we experience.

Increased Opportunities

Confidence prepares us for new opportunities as they come along. Knowing that we can experience life in new ways without fear of failure hanging over our heads, helps us take healthy chances. We lose out on so much potential when we make a habit of avoiding the unknown. As your confidence grows, so also will your ability to experience new and exciting opportunities.

Personal Growth

Setting goals is important for personal growth, but you setting those goals without the confidence to see them through would be useless. This is why confidence is essential to growing who we are as individuals. While others may desire for you to strengthen your abilities, it’s you who has to do the work. Believing in yourself is the first step to making any lasting changes for your future.

Reduced Anxiety

Anxiety can often have a crippling impact on our lives, with social anxiety deterring us from new people and experiences we long to meet and have. If you’ve ever stood in a room full of people or sat at a work meeting, paralyzed by a fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, you can understand the need for confidence.

It’s the ultimate reassuring force, allowing you to truly put yourself out there. When you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, you’ll be less anxious about the unknown.

A Happier Life

Lastly, we know that confidence brings happiness. Combining the other benefits discussed here, we can see a life of power, motivation, excitement, and focus. As these elements come together to achieve all the things you desire, you’ll experience satisfaction along the way. No one else can replace the joy you can find in your own confident self.

What’s important to remember is that confidence isn’t some magical substance. You don’t have to do anything outrageous to build confidence in yourself. All it takes is a single step a day, consistently followed over a lifetime. The benefits begin quickly and grow as your boldness grows with them. Build confidence in yourself and begin to experience the life you were meant for.

Stay Safe and Be Well

-The Positive Professional

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